Standard Pet Waste Stations

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Includes dual-bag dispenser, 2 free rolls of bags (400), 5- or 10-gal. waste receptacle & post. Add on a steel sign.

  • Dispenser, Receptacle & Post
  • Material: Recycled plastic
  • 400-bag capacity (2 rolls)
  • Everything you need to keep your grounds clean
  • Attention-grabbing 12" x 18" steel sign
  • Hinged-top dual bag dispenser with stainless steel padlock hasp (lock not included)
  • 400 free pet waste bags
  • 5- or 10-gal. round waste receptacle with hinged lid & liner
  • Sturdy recycled plastic will not splinter, rust or ever need painting
  • 4" x 4" inground or surface-mount post, your choice
  • Choose a pet waste station with or without steel sign

Height (w/ sign):

  • 96" (inground mount)
  • 69" (surface mount)

Height (w/o sign):

  • 69" (inground mount)
  • 51" (surface mount)
  • Guaranteed against breakage for 50 years!
Model Name5 gallon; inground mount5 gallon; surface mount10 gallon; inground mount10 gallon; surface mount5 gallon; inground mount + sign5 gallon; surface mount + sign10 gallon; inground mount + sign10 gallon; surface mount + sign
MaterialRecycled PlasticRecycled PlasticRecycled PlasticRecycled PlasticRecycled PlasticRecycled PlasticRecycled PlasticRecycled Plastic
Mount TypeIngroundSurface MountIngroundSurface MountIngroundSurface MountIngroundSurface Mount
Pet Waste SignNoNoNoNoNoNoNoYes

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