Grease Hog™ Mat

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Product Details

Prevents grease and oil from being tracked in on your floors and carpeting.

  • Thickness: 1/4"
  • Available in 2 stock sizes
  • Recommended as a scraper/wiper in transitional areas, such as from the kitchen to the dining area
  • Stop ruining carpets with tracked-in grease and oil
  • Perfect for transition areas: kitchens to dining rooms and factory floors to offices
  • Stain-hiding black polypropylene carpet face
  • Grease-proof Nitrile rubber backing
  • Molded bi-level pattern prevents pile from crushing and provides anti-slip surface
  • Low-profile reinforced borders
  • Clean with mild detergent and hot water
  • Choose disk pattern backing for hard surfaces or cleated backing for carpeted floors
  • 1/4" overall thickness

Model Name3' x 5'3' x 10'