Golden Care Teak Shield - 1 L

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Protects Teak and Hardwood Furniture from Water and Dirt

  • Our Teak Shield is an almost invisible wood impregnator that makes it difficult for staining products such as wine, olive oil or butter to seep into teak
  • Teak Shield is also very suitable for the protection of indoor wooden furniture
  • Teak Shield includes built-in mold and mildew inhibitors
  • Teak Shield features “Nano Surface Protect”, with water-repellent nanoparticles that prevent moisture from entering the surface, while water vapor generated from within the structure can still escape, allowing the structure of the surface to remain breathable
  • Designed for optimal penetration into dense, low-porosity surfaces
  • Water-repellent products create long-lasting protection from negative environmental effects, such as freeze-thaw damage, corrosion, acid rain, UV radiation and scratches
  • Golden Care offers maintenance products that not only perform better, but are also safe for the environment
  • Our products are completely free of solvents (VOCs) because they are manufactured from a water-based solution, and they are non-irritating to the skin
Model NameTeak Shield
MaterialWater-Based Cleaner
Attached ApplicatorApplication Cloth