Golden Care Teak 3-In-1 Care Kit

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Clean and Restore Teak Garden Furniture

  • Care kit includes one bottle each of Teak Cleaner and Protector, as well as all applicators, brushes and gloves
  • Our high-concentration, water-based Teak Cleaner cleans, brightens and restores the original color of teak and hardwood
  • Cleaner is classified as non-hazardous, unlike other cleaners on the market
  • Easy-to-apply Teak Protector maintains the golden-brown color of teak up to four times longer than teak oil and up to twice as long as teak sealers
  • Unlike teak oil, our Protector prevents black spots, and it isn’t greasy, so clothes stay clean
  • Our EcoSafe Protector is completely water-based and solvent-free, unlike other teak oils and sealers
  • Purchase the Golden Care Teak Shield in order to create an invisible barrier that provides ultimate protection (sold separately, see below)
Model NameTeak Care Kit
MaterialWater-Based Cleaner