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Park Benches

Commercial Bench Buying Guide

Place commercial benches inside or outside your facility. Make an entranceway inviting. Give kids a place to take a breather on a playground. Or use a bench as a front row seat to nature's beauty.

No matter if you are a small business looking for a functional outdoor decoration, or you are a park looking for benches to line your walkways, we have different styles and sizes to fit your needs.

Imagine what an outdoor bench can do for your facility. Let us help you pick out the perfect bench or benches to accomplish the look and feel you want for your property today.

Before you Buy Benches for your Facility, Decide on the Features

  1. Material & Finish
  2. Type of Frame
  3. Mounting Option
  4. Length
  5. Style (back vs. backless, armrests vs. no armrests, etc.)

Material & Finish Options
Recycled Plastic Benches
Bring your yearly maintenance costs to essentially zero! Why? This material requires almost no maintenance – besides a quick wipe-down at the beginning of the season – you won't have to worry about paint peeling or boards rotting ever again.
Benefits include:
  • Guaranteed for 50 years*
  • No yearly painting or staining
  • No rotting
  • No splinters
  • UV- and moisture-resistant
  • Eco-friendly; made from milk jugs

Plastic-Coated Steel Tables

The plastic coating prevents heat absorption – making it perfect for areas with high sun exposure, such as baseball fields. You'll never have an overheated seat again! Our plastic-coated metal benches also have smooth, rolled seat edges for ultimate behind the knee comfort.
Benefits include:

  • Extensive color options
  • Smooth, rolled seat edges for comfort
  • Long lifespan
  • Easily repair vandalized (cut or slashed) plastic coating with a heat gun
  • Weather-resistant

Powder-Coated Steel Benches

It's ideal for a high volume area, such as an outdoor seating area, because it's steel-reinforced for ultimate durability to stand the test of time.
Benefits include:

  • Versatile for indoor and outdoor use
  • Powder coating prevents metal from rusting
  • Smooth seating surface
  • Easy-to-clean, simply wipe-down

Concrete Benches

It's ideal for a high volume area, such as an outdoor seating area, because it's steel-reinforced for ultimate durability to stand the test of time.
Benefits include:

  • Steel-reinforced concrete meets ASTM International standards
  • Weight of product deters theft
  • Leave out year-round; weather-resistant
  • Insect-resistant

Wood Benches

Our wooden benches are made from a tropical hardwood, shorea, grown in Southeast Asia. It's extremely strong, thus classifying it as a Group A heavy hardwood.
Benefits include:

  • Natural look in an outdoor space
  • Smooth, contoured seating surface – no splintering
  • High resistance to damp conditions, which prevents insect infestation and decay

Plastic Benches

From weather-resistant polystyrene slats to injection molded, ribbed and reinforced plastic boards, you'll never have to paint a bench board again. Many of these benches – but not all – are lightweight, which makes them perfect for events because of their mobility.
Benefits include:

  • Easy assembly
  • Salt-resistant; perfect for locations with heavy snowfall or near the ocean
  • Portability option because of lightweight construction; perfect for events
  • No yearly painting or staining
  • No rotting

Bench Frame Options

A frame adds style to a bench. An intricate cast aluminum bench frame brings out a more traditional style, whereas a tubular frame gives the bench a more modern approach. Our bench frames are constructed from quality materials and finishes - built to endure the elements with little yearly maintenance required. We offer the following coatings on our steel and other metal bench frames:

• PLASTIC-COATED - The frame is heated to approximately 800°F, and is dipped into a powder-like polymer. After the polymer, a.k.a. plastic, adheres to the frame, it's reheated to remove any drippings or imperfections for a smooth finish. This coating can easily be melted back together by a heat gun if cuts or gashes occur, so your frame can remain in its original state, summer after summer.

• POWDER-COATED - Free-flowing, dry powder is applied to the frame's surface and is cured under extreme heat. The finish it creates is much tougher than conventional paint and protects the frame from rust.

Many of our recycled plastic benches have frames made from recycled plastic. Pure post-consumer #2 plastic, a.k.a. milk jugs, is used in the construction of this type of frame. You'll be "green" while saving green on yearly maintenance costs. You will never have to paint a recycled plastic frame for its entire lifespan!

Meanwhile, our concrete benches have steel-reinforced concrete bench ends to withstand a high weight capacity.

Mounting Options

Benches are available in three mounting options. For permanent installation of your bench, we highly recommend purchasing an inground mount option. The surface mount is semi-permanent, meaning you can bolt it to the surface, and if you want to relocate it in the future, it's possible. However, holes will be left in the surface where you previously bolted the bench. A portable bench is just that, portable; however, it can also be surface mounted with L brackets when straight edges exist on the bench frame.

Permanently install a bench into the ground. Dig a footing hole and place the frame in the hole. Plumb and level it. Pour concrete mix into the hole (look at product specs for the amount; the required amount of concrete will vary, depending upon the bench). Wait 24 hours for it to set before completing assembly.

Hardware is used to bolt the bench frame securely to a concrete or asphalt surface, as well as to a solid floor inside your building.

You have the option to move your bench wherever, whenever.

Bench Lengths
Style Options

There are certain features people prefer to have on their benches. You might be interested in one of these bench styles.

Personalized Bench

Display a tribute, memoriam, message or company name on a bench by choosing one of these customization methods.

Back vs. Backless Benches

Are you in need of a bench with more back support?

Or do you need a bench with a view from both sides?

If you want both, don't fret. Many of our product collections have both bench models available – with or without backs – to give your site a seamless look.

Armrests vs. No Armrests
Do you need a bench that helps stabilize the body upon standing up? A bench with armrests can give you this extra support.
Or do you need a bench you can slide on and off of quickly? Choose one of our benches without armrests.
Top 5 Bench Patterns
Just as there are different patterns for couches, there are different designs for benches. Here are some of our most popular patterns...
Now you have a jumpstart on finding the perfect benches for your facility – whether you need benches for a park walkway, baseball diamond, mall entrance or your building's lobby! As you browse through our commercial benches, you can easily learn more about the length, color, material, frame type and mounting options of each bench offering. Please do not hesitate to call customer service at 1-800-338-2697 with any questions you may have.
*Available only on recycled plastic and virgin plastic products marked with a 50-year guarantee.