Speed Bumps Buyer's Guide

Parking BlocksOur recycled rubber and plastic speed bumps and speed humps are among our most popular parking lot supplies.
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Benefits of our Speed Bumps & Speed Humps:

  • Environmentally-friendly!
  • Choice of recycled plastic or rubber
  • Sturdy construction will last for years
  • Naturally resistant to cracking and crumbling
  • Will not fade or need painting touch-ups
  • Low Maintenance
  • Many different styles and designs available
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Trusted high-quality construction and design
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High-Quality Speed Bumps & Speed Humps

They're a convenient way to ensure traffic safety in parking lots and other pedestrian and residential areas. Simple yet effective, a well-placed speed bump or speed hump can serve as a gentle reminder and deterrent against drivers who may be going a little too fast.
What's the difference between a speed bump and a speed hump anyway? A speed bump is designed for cars traveling between 2-5 mph, while a speed hump has a gentler design to handle vehicles moving from 5-10 mph.

Plastic Speed Bumps

Recycled Plastic Speed BumpsOur recycled plastic speed bumps come in several different lengths- 4', 6' or 9'. The size variations can easily accommodate a variety of formations, whether you want to stagger the speed bumps or place them side by side to cover multiple lanes. Each speed bump is crafted out of environmentally-friendly recycled plastic, equaling as many as 250 to 550 milk jugs! Their sturdy design is an effective speed deterrent to any type of vehicle, from cars to trucks.
An ideal choice for your speed bump construction, recycled plastic is naturally sturdy and maintenance-free. No painting or polishing required! Recycled plastic speed bumps are also immune to breakage, chipping, peeling, crumbling and rot. Ideal in all kinds of weather conditions, our removable speed bumps are UV resistant and impervious to salt as well. These removable speed bumps also come with free installation hardware and are easy to uninstall for routine pavement maintenance or surface treatments.
Our plastic speed bumps also come in a convenient interlocking speed bump style! These come with interlocking sections that are configurable in virtually any length you need. Incredibly sturdy and durable, our plastic speed bumps guaranteed for ten years against breakage and also include free asphalt installation hardware.

Rubber Speed Bumps

Rubber Speed BumpSturdy and solid, our Recycled Rubber Speed Bumps are all made from recycled rubber tires. Our rubber speed bumps are especially popular because of their channeled bottom that includes two 1.25" diameter channels. This convenient feature allows you to run essential cabling or piping underneath each speed bump when necessary.
Our rubber speed bumps are popular because their flexible composition easily conforms to almost any type of asphalt or concrete pavement. Each speed bump also features highly-visible, embedded reflective tape which gives them even greater visibility, especially during nighttime or twilight hours.
Each recycled rubber speed bump is guaranteed for ten entire years against breakage. High-quality and incredibly durable, our rubber speed bumps are naturally resistant to extreme temperatures and weather conditions, UV rays and road salt. They won't crack, break, peel or crumble. These removable speed bumps are also easy enough for one person to install or remove all by themselves! Free installation hardware is included with every speed bump package.
We also offer Premium Rubber Speed Bumps which are made from rugged 10 foot solid, all-new rubber.

Rubber Speed Humps

Our quality rubber speed humps offer a wider and gentler design that's especially friendly to emergency vehicles. These speed humps are also enhanced with embedded reflective tape for maximum visibility during all hours of the day. Installation is simple and efficient with the tongue-in-groove designs. Convenient modular sections also allow you to achieve the desired speed hump width that your roadway or parking lot area requires. End caps are sold separately for each speed hump.
Made from recycled rubber tires, our speed humps are highly durable and impervious to adverse weather conditions and extreme temperatures. One of our most popular products, each speed hump is thoroughly resistant to cracking, crumbling and breakage.
Speed Hump Warning Signs

Speed Hump & Speed Bump Warning Signs

Alert drivers, bikers and pedestrians to approaching speed humps and speed humps with these attention-getting roadway and parking signs! Highly-visible during daytime or night, all of our metal parking signs are crafted out 18-gauge baked enamel steel for maximum durability. For installation, each speed hump / speed bump warning sign also features two .25" mounting holes that are centered one inch from the top and bottom. Each sign measures 12 inches wide and 18 inches high, and weighs approximately 3.25 pounds. An effective way to make drivers aware not only of approaching speed bumps / speed humps but also of speed limit guidelines in general.

Other Parking Lot Supplies

In addition to our speed bumps and speed humps, our online store also includes an extensive selection of other essential parking lot supplies! Our additional product categories include:
  • Parking Blocks & Wheel Stops
    We also feature quality parking blocks and wheel stops crafted out of either recycled plastic or rubber. Guaranteed to last, all of our parking blocks are naturally resistant to adverse weather conditions and breakage!
  • Pavement & Parking Lot Markers
    Set clear directions for visitors with our helpful selection of different parking lot striping and marker accessories. You'll find a variety of parking lot stencils as well as parking lot striping machines and paint. We even carry hydrant markers to help emergency vehicles and fire trucks identify area fire hydrants.
  • Parking Signs
    Our huge selection of parking garage signs is sure to have what you're looking for: no parking signs, school signage, pedestrian signs, ADA signage and more. Visit our parking signs page to view our complete collection.
  • Vehicle & Building Structure Protectors
    No traffic control area is complete without our quality vehicle and building-impact protectors, including post sleeves, clearance bars, bumper wraps and more.
  • Surface Treatments
    Keep your parking lot spic and span with these essential surface treatment tools: pot hole patch, salt spreaders, crack filler and more. We also carry Bare Ground solution, an all-natural anti-snow agent and de-icer.