Recycled Plastic Products Buyer's Guide

Cedar Black Picnic TableBarco Products is proud to feature an extensive selection of quality recycled plastic products and furniture.
If you have questions about any of our recycled plastic products, please contact us today or call 1-800-338-2697 to talk to us in person.

Recycled Plastic Products We Carry:

  • Recycled Plastic Receptacles
  • Recycled Plastic Benches
  • Recycled Plastic Picnic Tables
Our product selection includes recycled plastic benches, picnic tables and planters as well as trash receptacles, speed bumps, parking blocks and more.

Why Choose Recycled Plastic?

  • Environmentally responsible!
  • Withstands extreme weather conditions and temperatures
  • Requires no painting or polishing
  • Resistant to chips, cracks, rust and peeling
  • Easy to clean
  • Resistant to fading
  • Durable products with a long life-cycle
  • Suitable for year-round use
  • Many different attractive designs available
  • Virtually maintenance-free

Recycled Plastic Park Benches

Wellington Recycled Plastic Benches Who knew a recycled plastic park bench could look so good? A popular choice for patios as well as public parks and gardens, our recycled plastic benches come in a variety of different designs. For public seating areas such as sidewalks, boardwalks or city parks, consider outdoor benches such as our Standard Park Bench, available in brown, cedar or gray. We also have stylish recycled plastic furniture that's perfect for formal gardens or hotel grounds, such as our handsome Peyton Park Bench, available in attractive colors
such as teak and mahogany. We also carry memorial benches such as our popular recycled plastic memorial bench, a fitting way to pay tribute to a special person or community member. Please browse our extensive collection of park benches today to view our complete selection of commercial patio furniture and outdoor benches.

Recycled Picnic Table Collection

Our recycled plastic picnic tables are also among our best-selling recycled plastic products. Durable and made for long-lasting use, our recycled picnic tables come in square, rectangular, or circular designs, with ADA-accessible options included. Many recycled picnic table models are also available in different color choices as well. Each recycled plastic picnic table features the sturdy, long-lasting construction that all of our recycled plastic furniture is known for.
Please visit our picnic table page today to view our complete collection. Whether you're looking for a picnic table made from recycled plastic products, or a picnic table made from wood or metal, we're sure to have the perfect outdoor seating solution for your needs.

Other Recycled Plastic Furniture

Our quality selection of recycled plastic furniture is both handsome as well as extremely durable. Commercial patio furniture choices include recycled plastic picnic tables, dining tables, armchairs, cafe chairs, swings, stacking chairs, outdoor benches, side tables, ottomans, chaise lounges and more. Please browse our site today to learn more about all of our recycled plastic furniture.

Recycled Plastic Parking Lot Supplies

Recycled Plastic Speed BumpsOur recycled plastic products also include handy traffic control and parking lot supplies. Our parking blocks and wheel stops are all made from recycled plastic or rubber, offering a sturdy solution for building and property protection. Select products such as our Premium Parking Blocks are guaranteed against breakage for up to ten years! All of our recycled wheel stops are naturally resistant to the chips and cracks that can happen with lesser-quality concrete wheel stop models.
We also carry a complete line of recycled speed bumps and speed humps. In fact, we carry recycled rubber speed bumps as well as recycled plastic speed bumps! Speed bumps are made for slower-moving traffic, while more gentle speed humps are better for slightly faster moving vehicles. All of our plastic speed bumps are available in a variety of different sizes and lengths. A well-placed speed bump or speed hump is a great way to ensure parking lot and traffic safety at all times by offering a gentle reminder to drivers who are going just a little too fast. And just like our recycled wheel stops, all of our removable speed bumps are equally durable, weather-proof and built for the long haul.
Speed bumps and speed humps are essential for traffic control, whether it's in a school zone or a parking lot. With their high-quality, durable construction from recycled plastic products, a speed bump or speed hump from Barco Products is sure to last for years to come.

Recycled Plastic Trash Receptacles

Nottingham Series Trash Containers Many of our commercial trash receptacles are also made from recycled plastic products! We have dozens of commercial trash containers and litter receptacles to choose from, all crafted from virtually-indestructible recycled plastic. Resistant to fading, chipping, and rust, these handy trash receptacles will never need painting and are always easy to empty and clean. Extra-durable commercial trash receptacle models such as our Nottingham series include a 20-year limited warranty, with galvanized fire-safe steel frames and water drainage systems. Other popular commercial trash cans include our Houston Waste Receptacle, featuring a 32 gallon capacity with a plastic liner and included flat lid. Please visit our commercial waste receptacle page to view all of our trash receptacles today, including those made from recycled plastic products.

Other Recycled Plastic Products

Our store's extensive selection also includes a variety of other recycled plastic products. If you need supplies for a park or recreation department, consider our maintenance-free message centers. Available in several different sizes and colors, they're perfect for year-round posting of important trail notices, directions, and maps.
Last but not least, our recycled plastic furniture also includes many different planters to choose from! Popular options include our classic square planter box, with a wood-like finish that adds beauty to any environment. Our popular panel-design planter boxes are also available in single, double, or triple panel configurations.
Recycled Plastic Products: Landscape Timbers Our recycled plastic products also include additional landscaping supplies. Environmentally-safe and non-toxic, our recycled landscape timbers can be easily cut and sized with conventional sawing tools: interlocking edges give them stable stacking capabilities. Their sturdy construction is also resistant to insect and moisture problems that can cause decay in wooden timbers.
Also a smart landscaping choice, not only does our recycled rubber mulch look exactly like wooden mulch, but it can last for up to ten years, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming repeat applications. It's also a great option for playground floor coverings, cushioning falls and preventing splinters.
We also carry several commercial bike racks that are made from recycled plastic products. Available in several different colors to complement your outdoor environment, our standard recycled plastic bike parking rack can easily hold up to 10 different bikes, and is made from durable recycled plastic that's equal to 1,800 milk jugs! Our Cedar-Black Bike Parking Rack is also one of our more popular bike storage racks. And although it's made from recycled plastic, it features a handsome, rich cedar color and tasteful frame design that offer the look and feel of wood, with the durable and long-lasting qualities that only recycled plastic can provide.
Our crowd control equipment even includes several pedestrian barricades and portable barriers made out of recycled plastic, in particular our Block-It Event Barricades and our Type III Plastic Barricades.

Other Environmentally-Friendly Products

Aside from our recycled plastic products, we also carry a wide variety of other environmentally-friendly products, in particular within our Building Maintenance category. Our SoySafe products in particular are best-sellers, featuring whiteboard cleaner and graffiti remover products as well as soy paint stripper. All of our SoySafe products are made from a safe, non-toxic soybean formula that does an amazing job at cleaning things up.

Barco Products- Your Source for Recycled Plastic Products

A wide variety of organizations have come to rely on Barco Products as their preferred source for recycled plastic products and furniture- hospitals, restaurants, schools, municipalities, and many other types of businesses! Our extensive selection and commitment to quality products makes Barco Products the name to trust.
Orders can be placed 24/7 via our secure online shopping cart, or via phone at 1-800-338-2697.
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