Parking Blocks and Wheel Stops Buyer's Guide

Parking BlocksAvailable in rubber or eco-friendly recycled plastic, our durable parking blocks and wheel stops are made for long-lasting property protection.
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About Our Parking Blocks

Whether you call them parking blocks or wheel stops, Barco Products carries a full line of parking lot supplies to suit your individual traffic management needs.
  • Extra-durable products from a trusted industry source
  • Versatile selection of parking lot supplies
  • Choose from recycled plastic or rubber wheel stops
  • Extra-long or mini parking blocks are also available
  • Color choices include classic gray as well as other primary colors
  • Reliable 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Helpful customer service department
  • Secure online ordering available 24/7
  • We also accept orders via phone at 1-800-338-2697
To view our complete selection, please visit our parking blocks category page today, where you'll find a full selection of wheel stops, parking blocks, and a variety of other safe parking lot markers.

Recycled Plastic Parking Blocks

Premium Color Parking BlocksAre you tired of concrete parking blocks that constantly seem to chip and erode? Then consider trading up with our high-quality recycled plastic parking blocks! Not only will your parking lot management and maintenance capabilities improve, but this is one purchase you can really feel good about in terms of environmental responsibility. In fact, many of our parking lot blocks are equal to the recycling of 300 or more milk jugs. So not only do you have an amazingly durable parking lot product, but you've also made a smart environmental purchasing decision.
Available in gray parking blocks or full-color parking block models (yellow, blue or white), our Premium Parking Blocks are all guaranteed for ten years against breakage! We fully stand behind their sturdiness and superior durability. Our premium recycled plastic wheel stops serve as a firm deterrent against drivers parking too close to buildings, with a proven construction that won't chip, crack, peel or fade. Salt, ice, freezing rain or snow- these parking blocks are in for the long haul. Easy installation can also be performed by just one person. Made from recycled plastic products, each of these parking blocks is equal to 300 milk jugs.
Our Standard Parking Blocks are another option to consider, available in color models (white or yellow) as well as in gray. Resistant to breakage, these recycled plastic wheel stops are also an effective way to ensure that drivers park in the correct spaces. Like our premium parking blocks, our standing parking blocks are also easy to install and can be handled by just one person. Please note that both our premium and standard parking blocks require rebar for asphalt installation. Give a helping hand to the environment by purchasing these recycled plastic products: just like our premium wheel stops, each standard parking block is also equal to 300 milk jugs.
Measuring just four feet long, our shortstop parking block is designed to only block a single wheel (normally the left front). Its mini size makes it idea for parking areas with restricted space. Also made from 100% recycled plastic, these wheel stops are available in blue, yellow or white.
Truck Parking BlocksWe also carry extra-long truck parking blocks that measure a total of eight feet long. These wheel stops are ideal for large trucks and tractor-trailers. They are also a useful way to prevent dock damage from boating trailers. Crafted of maintenance-free, 100% recycled plastic, our truck parking blocks can be used outdoors as well as inside any indoor parking or storage facility. These extra-large wheel stops are also equivalent to 1,000 milk jugs!
Enhanced with reflective tape for high visibility, our rubber wheel stops are made from 100% recycled rubber tires. This flexible composition allows them to easily conform to a variety of paved surfaces. Recycled rubber wheel stops are also extremely resistant to fading, oil, and adverse weather conditions.

Parking Block Accessories

We also carry asphalt installation hardware for use with our recycled plastic parking blocks and shortstops, as well as our rubber parking blocks. Please note that this hardware is for use on concrete and hard asphalt only (not gravel or soft asphalt). For installation on concrete, drilling/epoxy materials are also required. You can choose from a variety of different rebar packages to suit your installation needs.
If you need to designate special instructions for any of your parking spaces or wheel stops, then consider our wheel stop reflective legends. They're available in a variety of styles, including: wheelchair (w/ ADA symbol), reserved, visitors, customers only, and reserved (w/ ADA symbol). A white reflective background makes them highly visible to drivers.

Related Products: Speed Bumps

Speed bumps and speed humps are also an important component of parking lot maintenance. Available in a variety of styles, our speed bump and speed hump collection is always an effective way to leverage traffic and parking lot control. Speed bumps are designed for slower-moving traffic, while speed humps can handle traffic from 5-10 mph. Removable speed bumps/humps are easy to assemble and position no matter where you need to use them. Made from recycled products, we sell both recycled rubber speed bumps as well as recycled plastic speed bumps. Incredibly sturdy and long-lasting, our recycled rubber and plastic speed bumps are a great way to give back to the environment while also contributing to a safer traffic area. Please browse our site today to view all of our different speed humps and speed bumps.
Recycled Speed Bumps

Other Parking Lot Supplies

Barco Products also carries a wide selection of additional parking lot supplies that include everything from speed bumps to parking signs to parking lot striping materials. Please see below for additional information about our other parking lot supplies:
  • Traffic & Parking Control Products
    In addition to speed bumps and speed humps, we also carry a wide variety of other traffic control products are also available, including rumble strips, traffic safety posts, wheel locks, and more.
  • Pavement & Parking Lot Markers
    Our pavement and parking lot markers include a variety of useful tools. For parking lot striping work, we carry a complete parking lot stripe marking machine as well as an extensive collection of different reusable parking lot stencils. Possible parking lot markers include everything from ADA to fire lane symbols. Parking lot striping paint is also available.
  • Vehicle Protectors
    Our parking lot supplies also feature handy vehicle protectors. Our helpful selection of protective tools includes post sleeves, clearance bars, bumper wraps, shopping cart corrals and more.
  • Surface Treatments
    Keep your parking lot in top shape with our helpful surface treatment tools. Helpful solutions include pot hole patch, salt and fertilizer spreaders, pourable crack filler and more. We also carry Bare Ground solution, an effective anti-snow agent that speeds breakup and reduces snow and ice accumulation.
  • Parking Signs
    Our well-rounded selection of metal parking signs includes a variety of different parking garage signs. Browse our selection of school signage to find safe property and parking signs for these high traffic areas. Please visit our parking garage signs page to view all of our parking signs, from ADA signs to pedestrian signs, speed bump signs more.
  • ADA Signage
    Our collection of ADA signage includes a variety of different ADA signs. Whether you need ADA signs for parking lot areas or for walkways, we encourage you to view our ADA signage page today to view all available options. Braille ADA signage is also available.
  • School Signage
    Safely mark pedestrian and traffic areas with our high-quality school signage. From metal parking signs to crosswalk signs, our school signage can help to make any school zone a safe zone.
  • Interlocking Barriers
    We also offer a variety of handy interlocking barriers to help safely block off construction or special event areas. Visit our barriers page today to view our complete collection of interlocking barriers, pedestrian barricades, portable barriers and more.

Your Source for Parking Lot Supplies

Whether you're looking for metal parking signs, speed bumps, or ADA signage, Barco Products is your complete source for parking lot products. Please browse our site today to learn more about all of our high-quality site furnishings.